Taking shape

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can” Arthur Ashe

Why do we value what we value, what gives meaning to the things that we own? In psychology  “Endowment Effect”  refers to the value we give to objects and how the value increases the longer we have own it, and just like the material things we own, our ideas and dreams belong us and is up to us to make them a reality.

Just like we like to talk about the material things that we own, we need to talk about our dreams and aspiration because they should be seen as priceless positions giving the knowledge that no one else has the ability to think your thoughts. Talking about our ideas does two things:


Talking about it makes it take shape, it becomes fuller and more clear. The more one shares it helps to clear the fog from our head and in the process, the main idea is brought front and center.


Charing your dream and the things you want to accomplish in life, people in there own human nature are going to help you make your idea come truer, or they might know someone that can help you.

We need to get comfortable about talking and sharing our ideas, because is in the process of sharing that ideas go from being something we talked about, to something we are working on to make a reality. Action it’s not just the process of making things happen, first, you need to think up the idea.

Thank you,

Rogelio H. Charles