Being Present

“Some pleople want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen” Michael Jordan

Technology has made it easier than ever to stay in touch with everyone we know. Long gone are the time where we waited anxiously for a phone call, an email or a text. But today it is common to receive multiple messages by different mediums, and all this is competing for our attention, and the moment we surrender our attention we stop being fully present. 

Gone are the days of courtesy and of giving our full attention when we are talking face to face with someone. Now friends still get together but live in a digital world, it has become a new style of narcism constantly looking at the screen. Forget about the rudeness for a moment people are getting run over and getting into car accidents for not paying attention.

There is only one solution, the solution is to be present at the moment, remove all temptations, put the phone on silent not on vibrate, because felling or hearing the vibrations removes us from the moment and our thoughts start to wonder to the phone. The reason this happens is that we are afraid that we are missing out and we don’t what to be left out. This is an evolved primal instinct for survival, knowing what berries are bad for you, knowing what animals to avoid meant that your genes were going to get passed to the next generation. But now, for the most part, is just trivial information, of little to no value. 

We need to remember what the phone is in the first place, is a tool that helps us stay in touch with our loved ones, with the constant use of it has become a liability against its intended purpose. Its hard to go against our nature of missing out, but in our current way of life the only thing that we are missing out is being in the moment, and at the end that is what matters.  

Thank you, 

Rogelio H. Charles