“Your body is a business, take care of it or you’ll soon be out of business” Darren Hardy 

During an accident or when you go to the doctor’s office, the first thing paramedics and nurses do is check your vitals, they don’t attend what seems to be the reason your visiting or whats wrong at plain eye site in the accident. 

The reason this is important is that your vitals are baseline. Your blood pressure and body temperature tell a lot about the state your body is in, and from there they can start attending all the other reasons. Without a stable body, all effort is are just lost resources. 

Keeping this in mind try to evaluate your vitals before you endeavor in something that is important to you. By vitals I am referring to your current state of mind, are you well rested, did you get enough sleep last night. This are questions that you need to start asking yourself before you blow a fuse and you have a caring physician asking you what brings you in today? 

Thank you, 

Rogelio H. Charles