“A champion in the one who is pushing him or herself harder than anyone else. Harder anyone else would possibly ask of them” Tim Grover

Have you ever thought about why we take the time to pursue our goals and dreams? Why do we want to have more and become more? Much like a child who can’t wait to grow up, we all have an inherent desire to achieve and grow. Even if you haven’t given much thought to what you want to achieve and just take life as it comes, that desire will still be there. Subconsciously, your inner-being will always seek growth.

One thing I find motivates me to get working on my goals is to think about the worst possible outcome if you don’t change. The goal of this exercise is to envision the worst possible consequence of not pursuing growth. Doing this will unlock a primal instinct to avoid that pain and suffering and provide motivation to accomplish that goal.

Back before I intentionally pursued personal growth, I used to work at a department store. Many of my co-workers were my friends, but just about everyone working there carried a certain amount of apathy and discontent. Some of these people had spent many years at the store, if not decades, yet they seemed to be stuck with no potential to seek a promotion or a new job. I imagined what would happen if we stayed exactly where were, working there for the rest of our careers. In my mind’s eye, I saw an older and angrier version of us. We had expensive medical bills, no retirement funds, and hated our decisions not to pursue our dreams and achieve more with time we had. After envisioning this atrocity, I immediately sought growth and began working on my dreams to ensure this didn’t happen to me.

Sometimes playing out in your mind what you fear most can motivate you to get your growth on track, and ultimately gain the life you dream about.

Thank you,

Rogelio H. Charles