“The cost of a thing is the amount of what I call life which is required to be exchanged for it, immediately or in the long run” Henry David Thoreau

Like many people pursuing success, I started my personal growth journey looking for the shortcuts to have success. This was prior to me clearly defining success for myself. The issue I ran into was that I didn’t establish exactly what I really wanted to achieve. People often say “I want to be rich”  or “I want to be famous,” but the goal development stops there. How much money are you looking to earn per year? What exactly does the fame you desire look like? Until clearly defined, they are just vague achievements in your head and you won’t have a proper target to shoot for.

Most people’s goals include increasing their income, but aren’t able to say how much more money they desire. All they know is more money would be nice. The thing to remember is that money is earned. Are you looking for a 25 cent/per hour increase? 1 dollar more? Any amount increase is “more”, yet so many people still feel shortchanged even after an annual raise or cost-of-living increase. If your goals include earning much wealth, be very clear how much you want to earn.

My initial financial goal was doubling my salary. Once I got clear about how much I wanted to earn, and how I wanted to earn that money, it was just a matter of me to start looking for the new job that would allow me to accomplish my goals. As I talk about on my welcome page, I left a secure full-time position to pursue what I love, and, with dedication and hard work, achieved my salary goal .

You too can do the same thing. Whether it be increasing your income, getting into shape, or starting a business. Just take the time and focus to make clear what it is that you want. You will begin to notice opportunities all around you, like coming across this post and reading this words.

Thank you,

Rogelio H. Charles