“Learning never exhausts the mind” Leonardo da Vinci

Though the first couple of years learning become a normal part of our life as we wake up and go to school, at a certain point it becomes optional. You graduate and don’t have to go to class anymore. This doesn’t mean you should stop learning, it just has to be intentional. There are two types of learning that will determine your outcome in life; one that will help keep you afloat, and the other will make you soar.

“I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.” Abraham Lincoln

The first type of learning is “Maintenance Learning”. This type of learning is for adapting to the changes that happen in our day-to-day life. Your place of work switches to a new computer system, or you buy a phone that comes with new features are all instances of maintenance learning. Because of the changes that have been introduced to your life, not learning them isn’t an option.

In the case of maintenance learning, the important thing to remember is it’s the bare minimum adjustments we all need to make to keep up with changes introduced to our lives.

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” Jim Rohn

The second form of learning is “Growth Learning”. This type of learning is about learning and applying knowledge in the important things in life, such as relationships, finances, time management, entrepreneurship, business principles, and other specific skillsets that will help you advance in your career and personal life. Growth learning is an investment; it is one hundred percent intentional effort, there is no one forcing you to do it, and there is typically no immediate consequences for not doing it. For the most part, it will not even provide a diploma or certificate; so why even bother?

The answer is value. By setting aside time and energy for learning and applying the important things, we grow in value. The point is to add more value to things that matter most to you, which ultimately leads to becoming a more successful worker, business owner, spouse, or parent. The more we dedicate to growth in what we find important, the more value we add to these things.

If we choose not to pursue growth learning, we rely on our current course and the occasional maintenance learning to reach our desired destination. This exposes us to many risks, such as the risk that our current course is not toward our desired destination or the risk of sudden negative change that growth could make manageable or even avoidable, such as being laid off a job because you aren’t as versatile as other coworkers. This is why it is important to be intentional and choose our growth path.

There are many resources and mediums out there to help you get growing. Libraries, e-readers, audio books, conferences, podcasts, and even learning-focused youtube channels are all at your disposal. The important thing to start with is identifying the areas you need to grow into reach your desired destination.

Thank you,

Rogelio H. Charles