Learning Methods


“The ultimate creative capacity of the brain may be, for all practical purposes, infinite” George Leonard

The last post discusses two different types of learning; one to stay afloat with changes (Maintenance Learning) and the other one to excel (Growth Learning). Once you understand the importance of continuous learning, it is vital to know how we learn as individuals. There are seven learning methods that will help you acquire the information you need to succeed.

Human beings have five senses that help us understand the world around us; it’s through these senses that we learn new information. As an individual, understanding the best way to acquire new information will help get more out of time spent learning.

Visual learners use pictures and images to assist in the learning of new material.
Try watching YouTube videos and reading the material yourself to retain information.

This type of learning involves the use of sound and music.
Pay close attention during lectures and spend your time listening to audiobooks.

The use of words through speech and writing.
Try explaining the information to a friend, quizzing with flash cards, and practicing out loud for things that need to be memorized.

The use of body, hands, and the sense of touch.
Try building models to gain an understanding of the information where possible with the subject matter, if the subject matter is abstract, try writing out flashcards and walking while practicing them or acting them out.

Use of mathematical, reasoning systems.
Try writing out the information in cause and effect format until you reach a final conclusion. Try graphing the information so you can see it’s trends and relationships.

The following two methods involve your environment; it’s not just how you study, but also where.

Prefer learning in groups or with other people.
Find or create a study group, if you are learning alone try getting a friend to learn with you and study together.

Prefer studying alone.
Always make sure your door is closed and others know you will be studying for a set amount of time.

Knowing your preferred method is a great way to improve your study skills, help you retain more information, and have fun doing it. Learning something new is not an option anymore; we have to keep improving our skill sets. In an age where technology and progress move very quickly, these methods will ultimately help you save time so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Thank you,

Rogelio H. Charles