“Quitters never win and winners never quit” Vince Lombardi

This type of mentality acts as a double-edged sword; sometimes it works but other times pursuing something for the sake of persistence is just a waste of time, your most valuable resource. If something gets too hard, should you move on to the next thing? After all, if there is low-hanging fruit ready to be easily taken, there is no reason to climb the tree. Or do you push through and see it completed?

How do you know when is time to quit?

Start by asking yourself why you started this endeavor in the first place. Did you begin just to have fun or was your intent to become world-class? If you began just for fun and never intended to become good at it, quitting is a natural response to difficulties. It might be fun to try a lot of new things, but will not spend enough time and focus to become good at any one thing. It is better to master one thing than to be a jack of many.

Quitting creates scarcity. 

There is a reason there are only so many top professionals in music, sports, acting, etc. It’s the people who keep pushing through the hardships that make it to the top. There may be exceptions to the rule where certain celebrities get a lucky break, but if you look at the top professionals in their respected industries, they will all tell you it takes a lot of hard work. If your why is to become world class, there will hardships but quitting isn’t an option.

In some cases, there is no point in running around in circles. You may have to cut your losses, meditate on lessons learned, and take on a new challenge. In the end, quitting doesn’t make you a failure. Most people remain in the dreaming process and never take action. Continue to be a doer by taking action, and you will become a winner.

Thank you,

Rogelio H. Charles