“Multitasking is a lie” Gary Keller

We all want more and there is nothing wrong with that. We want more happiness, more love, more friendships, more money. We want to accomplish more. If you look at the trajectory of humankind you will see a continuous pattern of growth and achieving more. The way for us to continually accomplish more as individuals is by focusing on the one thing we need to accomplish and only that one thing.

It is a common myth that to accomplish more you need to multitask, but there is no way to focus on two things simultaneously. If you don’t believe me, try thinking of something sad and something happy at the same time. What is actually taking place when you “multitask” is continuous switching between tasks. The process of switching tasks requires extra energy and time each instance you move from one task to another. All this will do is slow you down and wear you out.

If you are someone who naturally gravitates to a multi-focus state, it may be a good idea to practice focusing on a single task. A popular form of meditation, called “mindfulness,” is most commonly used to focus your attention towards breathing and seeks to remove all other distractions. Practicing exercises like this can help direct all your mental focus and energy to a single accomplishment.

Once you have adopted a single-focus mindset, you can more effectively conquer your goals. Additionally, you can use this method to eradicate a negative mindset by simply focusing on the positive.

Thank you,

Rogelio H. Charles