How do we begin

“You can turn back, but if you want to grow you must be willing to go forward, and face your fears again and again” Abraham Maslow 

People just to be paralyzed over not knowing what to do in any given situation. In today’s modern world people are still paralyzed, but know is due to the overwhelm of information. Action in the right direction is going to get us closer to our goal. But how do we know if we are going in the right direction and who do we ask?

Opinions are cheap and everyone has one, you need to look for advice from people that are doing what you want to do, not just talking about it but actually doing it. Some things are truths, what I mean by this is that after you start distilling down some of the advice it all starts to sound the same. That should be a clue, advice that’s has been true and tested survives and gets passed down. Ask yourself would I trade places with this person, over the advice she/he is giving me. 

Everyone can talk, but few are willing to do the walk. Just remember as you start to walk towards your dreams and goals the path is not going to be worn down, because many people all they do is talk, as you pass them, remember if the advice is true, all you have to do is keep moving forward. 

Thank you, 

Rogelio H. Charles