“He who asks a question remains a fool for five minutes. He who does not ask remains a fool forever” Chinese Proverb

When I have the opportunity to drop off my daughter at school. I give her the same advice that Dr. Peter H. Diamandis founder and chairman of the X Prize Foundation and Singularity University tells his sons when he has the opportunity to drop them off at school. And that is to ask questions. Asking questions is one of the ways we learn, and the beautiful thing about asking a question is that we came up with it and the answer that we seek is going to help us understand better. 

One of the main reasons questions are not asked is because of the fear of rejection (in the case of a yes-no answer) and the fear of looking like an ignorant, we need to move past this childish thinking. Its only to the people who ask, that receive. They get the promotion, discount, date and anything else they want in life all because they asked. At the end what is the worst it could happen, you get a no or rejected you haven’t lost anything, there is only upside and opportunity, and it all starts by asking. 

Thank you, 

Rogelio H. Charles