1st Quarter


If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” Wayne Dyer

We have reached the first quarter of the year. If nothing has changed thus far in your life, it is time to step off the merry go round that is leading your life nowhere. Four months ago at the beginning of the new year, you declared that this year was going to be different, that things were going to change, but there lies the problem! As Jim Rohn said: “For things to change, you have to change”.

Let’s examine your list of resolutions from the beginning of year. What’s that you say? You never wrote them down? Try to recall the changes you were passionate about four months ago. In order for those changes to take place you must change yourself, specifically your behaviors. The reason we haven’t experienced change thus far is because we haven’t started on how we do things. What’s worse is that we often try to do the same thing we did last year and the year before (talk about the definition of insanity!).

Once the behavior that’s driving action changes, your life will change. Change happens from the inside, you need more than willpower and a declaration. Instead of making a list of circumstances we want changed, we need to start making a list of behaviors that we are going to change, and then follow through changing those behaviors.

Thank you,

Rogelio H. Charles